Donate your money, time or expertise to make this endeavour a success


If you like what we are doing but aren’t a charity or WCIT member, you can still help by:
  • Donating money to the WCIT Charity through JustGiving or PayPal
  • Donating your time or expertise – please contact us with what you have in mind
We are a charitable enterprise and welcome support, whether as an expert contributor, an expert speaker at one of our events or helping to pay for tea and biscuits at an event.

Why donate


Help AI4C to

help charities to

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AI4C is a unique platform of unbiased and impartial advice that can really make a difference in the charity sector.

I would like to say a big thank you to all those who committed their time and expertise to getting this endeavour off the ground, including founding members:
Chris Rees
Professor Richard Harvey
Jen Hyatt
Gary Moore
Anthony Buxton
Geoff Balmont
Daniel Hertz
Jolyon Parsons
Louise Corden
Maria Kuzak
Rob Leyland
Brian Perfect
Kerri Mansfield
And special thanks to:


Jerry Gross, WCIT member, for setting up and managing our Teams collaboration platform
Jon Spindler of Capital Enterprise, for hosting, setting up and running the AI data event
Maxine Ricketts
AI4C Chairman and WCIT Liveryman